Alpha Nurseries, Inc is a wholesale seedling nursery located in Holland, MI. We grow both conifers and broadleaves; in trees and shrubs. We specialize in growing bare-root woody plants (no herbaceous, perennials, etc.) to supply the following markets:

        Native Plants for restoration, habitat improvement and development, mitigation projects, etc.

        Non-native plants for the Christmas tree industry and ornamental wholesale landscape industry.

        A combination of the above for re-sale to Soil and Water Districts across the Upper Midwest and East Coast, as well as to other         non-profit organizations and other commercial plant distributors.

We do grow several million plants a year over a selection of 250 species of plants. Shipping season begins in late September and continues through the following June. We cannot fill orders for less than $100.00 as we deal in larger quantities. Private parties are welcome to order, if they can meet the minimum order.
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