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Welcome to each of you, past customers and prospective--alike!                                                    July 1, 2017

We hope that all of you are doing fine, plants are growing and you are receiving the right combination of temperature and rain. There was a fair amount of snow and cold here this past year--winter sure held on a long time!! In spite of that, shipping went smoothly this year and we hope you benefitted from it!

Now on to what’s new or deserves special note: As in prior years, our new native offerings are printed in RED ink. But, not really any new species being offered this year... a few are in the works but not enough to sell yet. We're adding production in many harder to produce species--ie., increased numbers this year in: Leatherwood, Concolor Fir, Canadian Hemlock and Highbush Blueberry as examples.

Are you a deer hunter or conservationist interested in wildlife improvement? Try these: Chinkapin Oak, best acorns for bucks!!) American Hazelnut, Coralberry (browse) Domestic Apple, Dolgo Crabapple and/or American Crabapple.

Difficult to establish plants!! We want to pass on to you some information that may help you avoid disappointment. If you see a red asterisk sign, “ * “ behind a species in the catalog -- this indicates a species that can be difficult to transplant. You are welcome to order them -- but these are the difficult ones -- and like all others -- are sold at your own risk.

We exhibit at many trade shows -- look for us at MANTS, MGIX (formerly CENTS), MNLA and others. See you there?

Soil Conservation Districts: We supply many districts with plants for their annual sales. Since districts generally act as a local distributor, we can offer a discount on the pricing for those orders compared to normal catalog terms.

ONE CHANGE FOR 2018-19 for Conservation Districts: Please limit your order to 22 species or less. Thank you.

We need to pare down order variety to be more efficient for April shipped orders... I hope you can understand. Some of the species you order less of can be alternated with other minimal species to offer every other year.

Continued reduced cost of shipping is 15%. We want to pass on our volume freight pricing on to you!

Note that if the actual cost of shipping a product is greater than the flat charge, we will bill you for the difference after we ship. If you’re buying 2-2 evergreen transplants and live more than 250 miles from us… your rate will probably be higher, anywhere from 20-35% of the order total as the cost of shipping.

This catalog assumes that you know what species you need for your project. For those of you requiring additional information, give a call... we’ll do our best to fill you in on descriptions, color, appropriate soils, etc. Often, the easiest way to gain information is to do an online search. The following are good sites: (Native plants information)

If you haven’t tried us yet, we encourage you to do so. We filled over 1200 orders this year -- thank you for your trust!

Best Regards,

Jeff Busscher
Alpha Nurseries
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