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Welcome to each of you, past customers and prospective - alike!                                                        July 1, 2023

Here we are again! Yes, a year has again gone that fast--Wow! It seems like we are on a rollercoaster ride: 221% of average rainfall fell in the first 3 months of 2023 and now we have a 6" deficit for the last three months. Drought is settling in and as Proverbs 31 suggests, planning ahead is always virtuous and beneficial. We have ample water for irrigation and it is really being used frequently in the early growing season!

Prices: Inflation is (still) real and we are all living with the consequences of the overreaction of the Federal Reserve and our duly elected politicians. I doubt they can make most people happy most of the time. Inflation does seem to be abating. So, as a cause for prices going up in the nursery, it is less so this year. On average, we are staying with a +5% figure, which seems to mirror our input costs pretty closely. Demand also plays a part in this and so some items are up a couple percent and others are increasing up to 13%.

A quick reminder of important terms to help us do a better job of serving you:

1. Reductions to orders accepted till March 15th. After that, you may add to your order but not subtract.

2. If an order is cancelled after March 15th, 50% of the order total is payable; if before that date--then 25%. Note that all orders placed are based on the full terms and conditions of our company as listed on page 19 of our catalog and on our website.

The effects of very high demand:

1. Allocation: We are moving more toward a system of allocating inventory - so there are more plants available for smaller growers. Practically, this means that there are less evergreen plants available for 1000 rate sales.

2. Increased Production: While we're always on the lookout for additional ground, we are limited in production to our current acreage so we are not able to balance increased demand with increased production.

Now on to what's new or deserves special note: As in prior years, our new native offerings are printed in RED ink.

New species for this season are: Wintergreen, Possumhaw, Blackcap Raspberry, Virginia Rose

Notable misses for this year are: Am. Crabapple, Showy Mtn Ash, Sassafras, Creeping Juniper.

We've added production in these and other species-- Sweet Fern, Bigtooth Aspen, Red Elderberry, Thimbleberry!

Note: Please order in pre-bundled sizes quantities; some are 10, most others 25.

Difficult to establish plants!! If you see a red asterisk sign, “ * “ behind a species in the catalog - this indicates a species, that can be difficult to transplant successfully. Like all other plants we grow--they are sold at your own risk. Education is expensive--either formal or DIY. In either case, we do not assume this cost, so order with care!

Soil Conservation Districts: We supply many districts with plants for their annual sales. Since districts act as a local distributor for us, we offer a discount on the pricing for those orders compared to normal catalog terms. Again in 2023-24, for Conservation Districts: please limit your order to 22 species or less for orders shipped in April. We need to minimize order variety to be more efficient for orders shipped in April... Thank you.

Minimum order is $150. Minimum shipping is raised to $40.00 this year - please note. Note that if actual cost of shipping product is greater than the flat charge, we will bill you for the difference after we ship.

This catalog assumes that you know what species you need for your project. Call if you need help! Often, the easiest way to gain information is to do an internet search. The following are good sites: (Native plants information)

On our website, click on the name of a plant to bring up specific info on each plant we grow.

If you haven’t tried us yet, we encourage you to do so. We filled over 1800 orders this year - thank you for your trust!

Best Regards,

Jeff Busscher
Alpha Nurseries, Inc.
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