terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Seedling orders over 25 per size/species must be in increments of bundle sizes.-- ie., 25, 50, 75 etc., 25% deposit due with order.
No reductions to orders allowed after March 15th.
Order Cancellations after March 15th, forfeit 50% of the order.
Minimum order is $150.00.
5% discount for orders over $10,000--under most circumstances--fall orders generally excluded.
Balance of payment due 14 days prior to planned shipment date, unless other arrangements have been agreed to.
Shipping: UPS, 15% of total order - or - at cost for actual costs over the 15% charge. FOB, Holland, MI
Minimum shipping charge for UPS orders is $37.50 Unpaid orders will be assessed a service fee of 18% per annum, calculated from shipping date. Orders of 500 per species, per size - earn 1000 rate. Cancellations forfeit deposit paid in most circumstances.

Sizing: Sizes are estimated in June for the current crop. Sometimes exact sizes may vary from published sizes for this reason. Normally, 95% (+/- 5%) of plants should be in the published (estimated) size range. Bundle sizes: Evergreen Seedlings: 25/bundle; Evergreen Transplants: 2-1, P+1s... 25/ bundle; Evergreen transplants: 2-2s and P+2s... 10/bundle; Deciduous Seedlings: 25/bundle. “Bigger Stuff”: 25 or 10/bundle

Warranty, Limitation of liability and Disclaimer:

Alpha Nurseries, Inc. (A.N.I.) makes no warranty regarding its products, merchantability or any other type of guarantee, express or implied. All of our material is sold true to form and general species characteristics. All plant material will be shipped in good condition, in proper packaging to extend the viability of the living plant material. Due caution must be taken by the customer to insure proper care once the trees have been received and should be planted as soon as feasible. If any product is not shipped in good condition, buyer must immediately notify A.N.I. before planting the product, and buyer must, as directed by A.N.I., hold or return the product to A.N.I for inspection and/or replacement. In no event will A.N.I. be responsible for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of the buyer, including lost profits, even if A.N.I has been advised of the possibility of such losses. Recognizing our dependency on and exposure to the elements, all orders are subject to crop conditions. A few of such (but not limited to) are listed here: Hail, Frost, Inventory error, Flooding, Fungal infections and Insect damage.

Failure to pay when credit has been extended:

A.N.I. charges interest for outstanding balances, with the first charges assessed via statement 60 days after shipment. Interest is calculated from the date of shipment as payment is due prior to shipment. If payment is not made in 3 months, A.N.I. will likely file with the court within 4-6 months from shipment date. Customer assumes all costs in debt collection. If it is necessary to take an account to court, the customer agrees to assume A.N.I. legal costs if found liable. Any dispute will be resolved exclusively in the State of Michigan, and buyer consents to jurisdiction in Michigan.” Any dispute will be resolved exclusively in the State of Michigan, and buyer consents to jurisdiction in Michigan.

Corrections to inventory:

While a conservative and accurate inventory is our goal, at times we do not have enough plants to fill all our orders. Our policy in those cases is to share the impact of that reality as broadly as possible to make any change to your order - a minor impact.


Orders for which a deposit is not received will be acknowledged but not confirmed until the deposit is paid. Our goal is the fair and equitable treatment of all of our customers. Demand is high and we need to verify customer commitment via the deposit system for our stock.

Aside from the legal statement,

we want you to know that we will do everything possible to make your experience with Alpha Nurseries, Inc. a pleasant one - and our goal is to see our plant material does well on your site. While our legal responsibility ends when the stock leaves the door in good condition, we will try to go the extra mile wherever we can.

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